Friday, 20 December 2013

5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Jalaibee

By Humay Waseem

The past couple of years have been huge for the Pakistani cinema with indie filmmakers revolutionizing the cinema landscape by shifting from the conventional style of Lollywood Gandasa-flicks. Pakistan has seen the birth of new movie ideas with releases of hits including “Waar” “Zinda Bhaag” “Bol” and “Khuda ke Liye”. It is an epoch for Pakistanis where they can finally lift up their previously sunken-with-shame heads because of having Lollywood as the sole film producing avenue in Pakistan.

Although these films have brought a marvelous and much needed shift in Pakistani cinema, they focus more on showcasing the negativity surrounding the country and will probably not be remembered for their entertainment value save the cricket-themed "Main Hoon Shahid Afridi" (featuring TV vixen Mathira in a sultry item number).

Jailaibee on the other hand is promised to be a stylized comedy/crime-thriller with no social, religious or political undertones. Don’t be misled by the name, it has nothing to do with the sugar-oozing mithaee.

Here are the top 5 reasons I cannot wait for Jalaibee to release...

5) Yasir Jaswal

Yasir Jaswal is a visionary; a multi-faceted young man who has been artistically involved in the media industry for about a decade. He is a singer, musician and film director all rolled into one, and his long list of accolades include being the lead vocalist of Call, being the frontman of Irtaash, and directing many music videos and high-profile TV commercials. Yasir is the pride and joy of Islamabad and is looking to conquer the world with his debut feature film.

4) State of the art filming technology

Jalaibee uses the very same technology that was used to shoot Skyfall, Gravity and Iron Man 3. Yes Jalaibee is shot with the Alexa camera which will keep your eyes glued to the big screen with its promised true to life picture quality as you munch on popcorn through this indie flick.

3) A break from the “Pakistan Needs Help” movie trend  

While the media has concocted a negative image of Pakistan on an international level, it is ludicrous to assume that everything in Pakistan is sad and miserable. Yes, there are happy, talented and passionate people in Pakistan who commit crimes and look for personal gains while doing fun stuff along the way. Jalaibee's characters and storyline are promised to be relatable and it carries a stylized theme akin to Tarantino movies and will be packed with glamor and action without any serious undertones.

2)  The star-studded cast

Wiqar Ali Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi, Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Adnan Jaffar and Uzair Jaswal all in one production! Jalaibee will give us the pleasure of watching these newage Pakistani talents do their magic on the big screen. The leads have all proven themselves on TV, theatre and in music and are all set to define the future of Pakistan cinema with Jalaibee.

The Stars of Jalaibee: (Left) Adnan Jaffar, Zhalay Sarhadi, Danish Taimoor, Wiqar Ali Khan, Ali Safina and Uzair Jaswal

1) It is Pakistan’s first movie that features a Muscle Car!

How many Pakistani flicks have you seen that feature an iconic vehicle? The trend has been big internationally with films such as The Fast and Furious Franchise, Drive and Deathproof, and its so good to see Pakistan catching up. We’ve seen a gorgeous muscle car (a vintage Ford Mustang) on the poster and we’ve heard the hype. Although I can’t really tell what exactly the car’s role would be, it totally excites me enough to know that a Mustang would frequently appear in the film.

The teaser for Jalaibee releases on the movie's Official Facebook page on December 25th and i will surely be watching on! 

Humay Waseem is a Writer at StudioBloop and tweets @HumayWMD

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