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The Mighty Thor Returns To Save The Day, Again!

By Humay Waseem

“Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World opens in Pakistan on Friday and StudioBloop was at the Ufone premier at Cinegold Plex Rawalpindi”

Thor: The Dark World Premier at Cinegold Plex
Thor: The Dark World- the much anticipated sequel to Marvel’s Thor surrounds much hype especially from geeks all over the world, but you don’t necessarily have to be a geek or a Marvel fan to enjoy this aesthetically pleasing Fanstasy/Action/Adventure/SciFi hit because of Disney’s ever-impressive CGI, adrenaline-pumping action and Oscar-winning/star-studded cast.

StudioBloop covered the premier of Thor: The Dark World at the lush and luxurious Cinegold Plex in Bahria Town Rawalpindi where fans, celebrities and media personalities gathered to watch the highly anticipated sequel to Thor(2011).

Excited Fans At The Thor: The Dark World Premier

Riding on the wave of success garnered by last year’s Marvel’s The Avengers, Thor: TDW finds Thor reuniting with his love, astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster after two years as the Asgardian embarks on a precarious journey to save Earth and the nine realms from a nefarious enemy waking after thousands of years to rekindle his lust for cataclysmic destruction.

The movie features top performances by the returning cast, with Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif and Rene Russo as Frigga, along with a host of new characters and realms and plenty of Marvel signature cameos and easter-eggs. Loki steals the show yet again and reinstates himself as the prime evil mastermind of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his third appearance as a major villain in the film.

The premier event was organized by Ufone on Wednesday the 20th of November in collaboration with Cinegold Plex, where, in addition to enjoying high definition 3D cinema screens and powerful sound systems, movie goers also enjoy the illuminated, glitzy and en vogue interiors whilst munching on pizza, nachos or butter popcorn.

Mr. Saad Sharif, GM Cinegold Plex told us, “We are expecting a great audience turnout for Thor: The Dark World 3D although it is rivaled by the simultaneous release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the Pakistani box-office sensation Waar.”

We got the chance to talk to some true comic enthusiasts such as Mr. Sayid Zulfiqar Zaidi, GM HR, at Ufone who said, “I read Thor for the first time as a young boy and it was very exciting for me when the first movie came out because Thor has always been something of an underdog in the comics world but in the movie his character is larger than life.” He added, “Me and my children have watched Thor many times, each time with a lot of zeal.” When asked how he thought the sequel could top of the first part he said, “I think they touched upon a lot of areas, if you go into Thor’s comic world it is so rich and there is so much you can do. The nexus of The Avengers and Thor was very creative and there is a lot to be done.”

The StudioBloop Team With Friends
Post-screening, fans mostly had positive reviews about the movie. A few believed that the sequel was not as good as Thor but almost everyone present found it to be entertaining, smart-paced and humorous, inducing genuine laughs.

Natasha Aslam, a journalist, commented, “Thor: The Dark World feels much more in tune with the playful tone of The Avengers than its predecessor, I enjoyed the visual effects, suspense scenes and the sharp-witted dialogue between Thor and Loki”

Haider Asad Ullah, an Advertiser, said, “I loved the movie but I liked the first part more, I think the movie had many inconsistencies and people would not understand some parts of the movie if they haven't watched the predecessor”

Imran Kazmi, an Indie Film Maker said “I loved the movie, its better than [Man of Steel] Superman and I enjoyed every single part of it. It was better than the first part and I will dedicate my status to it tonight” He added, “Loki is my favorite character of the movie and the villain that I most love after Joker”.

One Pound Fish Man on Eradicating World Evil
One-pound-fish man, Shahid Nazir Ahmed, was also spotted at the event, he said “I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and if I got Thor’s hammer I would use it to eradicate evil from the world. He also declared, “The US has stated that the world needs Superman, Spider man and One-pound-fish man.” 

The screening was an enjoyable experience for families and friends where they got the chance to watch Marvel’s Superhero sensation shine once again, leaving the cinema with the suspense and excitement of what will happen next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: The Winter Soldier due in April 2014.Thor:TDW is a visual extravaganza for cinema-goers of all ages, even with a slightly loopy plot with The Mighty Thor facing an evil that’s older than the Universe itself, and that threatens (not just New York, or Earth, but) ALL EXISTENCE; even if you at times wonder, where were The Avengers through all this? For the ones who wonder what S.H.I.E.L.D. was up to through the events of Thor:TDW, the latest episode of the new hit TV show Marvel’s Agents of Shield ties-in nicely with the movie and picks up things right where Thor left off in 3D. Go Marvel!

Thor: The Dark World opens in 3D cinemas across Pakistan on Friday 22nd November2013

Humay is a Writer at StudioBloop and tweets @HumayWMD

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