Thursday, 20 March 2014

5 Reasons Why Young Girls Should Watch "Frozen (2013)"

By Humay Waseem

Disney has come a long way since its earliest productions based on folk stories to the 3D animations of today. Tangled (2010), Brave (2012) and Frozen (2013) which is not just visual eye-candy but carries a refreshingly realistic and poignant message.

Frozen features two sisters, Anna and Elsa who are born to royalty. Elsa, the older sister, possesses the magical power of freezing anything but left unharnessed, her power becomes so overwhelmingly uncontrollable that she accidentally traps the entire kingdom in eternal winter.

Meanwhile Anna, her fearlessly optimistic sister, gets engaged to the seemingly perfect Prince Hans on the same day she meets him. When the kingdom is hit by Elsa’s polar spell Anna teams up with extreme mountain-man Kristoff on an epic journey to find her sister Elsa, the Snow Queen and put an end to her icy spell.

Disney movies have conventionally followed the same theme of a beautiful damsel in distress getting rescued by a knight in shining armour. This plot, although sweet and dreamy, ingrains in girls, the notion that they “need” to be “rescued” or “saved” by a prince charming who will sweep them off their feet and free them from all their sorrows.

The reason I love “Frozen (2013)” is because it strays from this conventional plot and shows a different and new perspective and here is how:

1)      It empowers women to count on themselves
For a young girl to dream of having a prince charming rescue her ingrains in her feelings of powerlessness and compels her to passively await someone to make her life better. Frozen shows us that the key to all greatness lies within a woman and that she alone can achieve whatever she wants. It is Anna’s sole courageousness that persists her to overcome all challenges to save her sister Elsa and her kingdom.

2)      It reassures that blood is thicker than an ill-advised crush
At the end of the movie when Anna gets frozen, she needs the touch of a true love to be saved. We are expecting the typical kiss from a man, but it is actually her sister Elsa’s embrace that defrosts and saves her. Often times we forget the value of our own family members and give in to the charms of complete strangers who may not be having our best interests. Frozen reminds us that even when your family has not been the sweetest with you, you can trust them to have your back and not betray you.

3)      Your true love does not have to be a perfect 10 prince
Prince Hans is good looking, charming, and wealthy but lacks sincerity, principles and character. He charms Anna with the false pretence of “love” just to get access to her wealth. We have constantly been told by previous Disney movies that a “true love” must possess all of these external materialistic qualities whilst ignoring that these are not the sole pre requisites of falling in love for love is a meeting of souls and not just of certain traits.

4)      To not be so hastily trusting of strangers
In almost all mainstream media, the guy who looks good on the outside happens to also be good on the inside but in reality this is not always the case. Sometimes those who seem too good to be true can have the illest of intentions aka “Satan in a Sunday hat”. Frozen reminds us to not rely on face value and be hasty in such situations. Anna’s sister Elsa disallows her from getting engaged to a man she has just met but Anna, being the ever-optimist does not listen and sets herself up for hurt and betrayal.

5)      If you have a power learn to harness it and don’t suppress it
Elsa has the super power of freezing anything and creating snow. This power can help her fight evil, cool up scorchingly hot places or merely operate an ice-cream production unit but she fears her own power and brilliance so much that she considers it a weakness and locks herself up in solitude.

Similar to this is how countless women of today suppress their own greatness in order to fit in with the world so that it doesn’t offend anyone. Millions of women shy away from being smart, funny, intellectual, beautiful, charitable, kind or simply themselves just so it doesn’t make others insecure.

 The truth is that by accepting your own brilliance you are helping the world be a better place and are unconsciously allowing others to show their brilliance as well. Hence, a woman should proudly show her greatness and not lock it up only to one day find it exploding and causing massive “destruction”. 

Humay Waseem is a Writer at StudioBloop and tweets @HumayWMD

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