Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Facebook Messenger Covering All Bases on Mobile Platforms

Facebook messenger is going places on mobile.

Facebook messenger has now just been introduced on the Windows Mobile Platform. So the social network is pretty much getting all bases covered when it comes to mobile accessibility.

Last month, the updated Facebook messenger for Android v 3.3.2 was introduced, while in January, the iOS version 3.1.2 was updated. The messenger app is already available on BlackBerry OS.

And if you an Android bloopie and are sick of the perpetually crashing Skype app and not finding all of your friends on Whatsapp, then it is high time you start paying attention to facebook Messenger. Because this app sounds like the future of mobile messaging.

Watch Out for the Android App Beta Testing Campaign

Facebook Messenger for Android has been around for a while. The 3.0 version design overhaul of the app came with some exciting features like phone number integration. 

The good news is that facebook has just launched a new Android beta for the app that could really change your instant messaging experience on your phone. In its official post announcing the testing campaign, facebook has promised introducing new design features and bug fixes every month.

If you are the kind who gets thrilled instead of getting irritated by constant facebook layout changes, then you may have the patience to actually test the beta app for yourself. You would be required to submit bug reports when you encounter them though. Privileges come with responsibilities. 

All you have to do is join the closed Google group for the beta testers.

Once you do that, go to the Google Play Store and enable beta downloads by becoming a beta tester. Download the updated Facebook Messenger app for Android. Make sure you keep up with the updates because the app will be changed faster than you think.

Have fun with the new app, which is the best way to test it.

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