Thursday, 27 March 2014

Watch Out for The Latest Horror Thriller Sensation - Jinn: or Fury

Have you heard of Jinn?

I am not talking about those creepy invisible creatures, for those who get it, but the film that has become quite an anticipated attraction. 

But even if you have not, you are reading this just in time to catch probably the most relatable and intriguing horror film to land in Pakistan.

Jinn: The Movie, or "Fury" as it is titled in English, will make its premiere in the United States on April 4. In Pakistan, the film will hit the local theaters on April 11. Speaking of which, the film is not without its Pakistani American connections.

Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad is the director of the film, who debuted with a relatively unknown but intriguing sci-fi film Alliance (2005). There is little doubt that Ahmad is a talented filmmaker and probably could be able to prove a point about his mastery of the medium with this effort. He is also the co-founder of the studio producing the film, Exxodus Pictures, based in Detroit, MI.

But that's not enough, the film features some prominent actors as well. The film features the Pakistani American actor of choice Faran Tahir (Elysium, Iron Man). Jinn also features familiar actors such as Ray Park (Star Wars Episode I, X-Men), Serinda Swan (Tron: Legacy) and William Atherton (Die Hard, The Last Samurai).

Alright, perhaps they are trying too hard to be The Omen (1976) or even (2006), but in recent years probably no one has tapped this theme. As a matter of fact, the fascinating Arabic theme of Jinns, mystical beings created with fire, could offer a lot of richness to the horror genre.

With the rich visual and special effects incorporated in it, the film is going to be one grand spectacle.

Don't miss it.

Watch the trailer for yourself.

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