Thursday, 10 July 2014

Adding ease and excitement to your Iftari

By Humay Waseem

Each ramzan you go for iftari to high end restaurants serving iftar at Rs. 1500 with a microscopic “with tax” written next to it and you end up paying Rs. 2000 for pakoras, samosas, namak paaray and jalebi along with sandwiches and a few other edibles.

I personally have no qualms about these restaurant served iftaris, I like them- it is just that I am sick of the lack of novelty and originality in iftari options at these places. I would like to see different renditions to Pakoras and the other usual iftar items.

For me, I imagine the perfect pakora to have more than just aalu. Maybe if you can make them with cheese, mushrooms, spinach, chicken, eggplant, zucchini or fish it would be more interesting and palatable.
It is also equally important to have something light that you could easily gallop without feeling like a gluttonous panda. So here are some easy breezy iftari ideas for you this Ramazan!

Chicken Peri Peri bites

Green Chilies + Chicken + Cheese + egg + flour + bread crumbs

Length wise cut green chilies, remove all seeds from the inside, stuff the chilies with shredded chicken and cheese. Dip the chilis in beaten egg, flour and bread crumbs and fry them. You have a mouthwatering and mouth burningly delicious treat! (there is some more technicality to this recipe that you can search on Google, [in case the peri bites fall apart])

Golden stuffed chicken

Boneless chicken + cheese + bread crumbs + egg + salt + pepper

Beat boneless chicken till it becomes large and flat, season it with salt and pepper, add cheese and green onions in its middle. Roll the chicken and close it up with toothpicks. Dip the chicken in beaten egg and bread crumbs and fry it. You have a tantalizing treat for your taste buds. Watch the stuffing melt when you cut the stuffed chicken with knife and fork. 

Apple and Peanut Butter delight

Apples + Peanut butter

Cut apples in quarters and apply peanut butter onto them. Suuuuuper easy, healthy and better than chocolate!

Potato pizza cubes

Potato + green chili + red chilli + toast + salt + basin

Cut boiled potatoes in halves and mash them a bit. Mix green chili, salt and red chili with the potatoes. Apply the mixture on toast. Dip the toast in egg and then in basin and water. Fry the toast and cut it in cubes.

Cheese and Spinach Pakoras

Cheese + Spinach + Basin + Water + Salt + Mirch
Mix together basin and water adding salt, pepper and chili to the mix. Roll together spinach and cheese into balls and dip it in the basin mix. Fry it till its golden brown. This is a delicious rendition to conventional aalu pakoras!

Minced beef pita rolls

Minced beef + Pita bread + garlic mayo + chili flakes

I am getting hungry as I type. Ok, mix salt and red chili flakes in mixed beef and fry it. Take a piece of pita bread and apply garlic mayo on it, add minced beef into this and roll it. Cut it into small portions and you have a trrrreat!

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