Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Charity Begins at Home: Support FAFEN Local Bodies Election Campaign

Source: FAFEN (Under fair use)

If you are not familiar with the local bodies election campaign by FAFEN, then you must check it out immediately.

FAFEN or the Free And Fair Election Network is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that is working hard to promote democracy and the democratic process in Pakistan. The organization has been monitoring polls in the past as well and is a prominent voice on violations of the regulations of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The organization is also focusing on an important aspect of democracy that is often ignored in Pakistan, even sometimes by people directly involved in politics.

Local Government.

Source: FAFEN (Under fair use)

FAFEN has been focusing on local government elections for quite some time now on the social media. But you do get the feeling that they need more support from the people.

They are doing their bit. It's our turn now.

For starters, you can like the FAFEN facebook page and start sharing the message to your friends. You can also sign a petition addressed to the Prime Minister for the same.

Even in politics, charity begins at home.

That's precisely why we need local governments.

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