Friday, 8 August 2014

Did You Notice that Save Button?

No, we're not reminding you to keep hitting the save button while you work on your word processor files and spreadsheets. We're talking about that new Save Button on facebook posts.

Facebook recently introduced the feature of "Save" on every post, which is the social media platform's version of bookmarks.

And before you would be worried about whether others would be able to see what you save, it's going to be all private. Undoubtedly, this feature adds a lot more experience to the user experience.

If you have ever missed a facebook article while you were glancing down the newsfeed and were never able to find it again, you know the feeling.

This is where the Save feature comes in.

What this feature actually does is that it would save a story or link for you to read later. 

The news feed would store the story and at a later time, it might pop up later in the newsfeed. 

Or you could actually access it at any time by simply clicking the new "Saved" button on your navigation sidebar.

So if you didn't already know about this feature, it could help you save a lot of trouble. Especially given how out of control newsfeed post updates are. Always thought facebook posts should load like tweets.

But still facebook newsfeed offers a far richer experience.

A lot of people freak out that the facebook newsfeed has virtually turned into a digital newspaper and that your interest directs what you get to read. But actually, it is a good thing that at least a lot more people get to see and read stuff that they otherwise would not anyway.

A lot of people also freak out about the constant changes in the facebook interface, but probably the dynamism and adaptability of the platform are what allow it to excel.

So perhaps, we should learn to bear with them.

In any event, given how cluttered everybody's newsfeed is, it is about time that facebook introduced this feature. Make the most of it.

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