Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Facebook to Introduce Satire Tag for Posts from Satire Pages like The Onion

In the age of information, not everybody can tell fact from fiction and real news from satire.

Apparently facebook is beginning to take this statement very seriously because they are considering introducing satire tags for posts from the likes of The Onion. Curiously, some of their posts are eerily close to reality, which is why it can actually be useful at times.

So now people get to see what post is satire and which is not, which means we would miss all the fun.

Anyway, this only goes to show how much internet giants have started taking the sensitivity of content seriously. For now the satire tag is in testing phase.

We just learned that Google is now considering introducing YouTube and Gmail accounts for children. This offers much greater control and easier use for parents who want children to use separate accounts with age-restricted filters.

Perhaps the new facebook newsfeed was a part of this experience too, apart from offering a realistic amount of data in a given time.

It would be interesting to see how politics and ethics keep on molding how the internet is used in the future.

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